Goodnight Greenville materialized through the extensive work and support of many individuals. It was endorsed and funded by Dr. Bill Schmidt, who serves in many capacities, including medical director of Children’s Hospital of Greenville Health System and Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics. Jeanine Halva-Neubauer edited Goodnight Greenville and worked tirelessly in many roles, best described as its production manager. Steven Serek served as graphic designer, creating a beautiful final product and facilitating its final creation and publication. Emily Hughes led a very successful marketing and sales operation. Sandy Dees facilitated a great public relations campaign. This website was created through the hard work of Jason Pleakis, and digital photos of artwork were produced by Eli Warren. Many other individuals offered time, services, opinions, and support during the development and release of Goodnight Greenville, all of whom we thank.

Creating and publishing a book requires more time and energy than we realized. There were many late nights and early mornings to complete paintings and many hours spent editing, changing or organizing book details. Personally, this was time taken away from our families. We are both thankful for the support of our wives, Kristen (Joe) and Rachel (Joey), and our children, Lilly, Anna Jane, Jack (Joe) and Luke, Jack, and Levi (Joey). Despite the extra burden it placed on them, they continued to encourage us to pursue this book as a worthy endeavor. They also offered crucial advice and creative input.

We are proud of what we all accomplished and are grateful for the efforts and encouragement of others in “putting this book to bed.” We hope you and your families will enjoy it at bedtime … or anytime.